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iDewey Store Hours Winter 2017
11:00am-3:00pm M-F   Saturday or Sunday by Apt
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302 227-6779
GPS 102 New Orleans Street Dewey Beach, De
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Stay up to date on Dewey events by following us at facebook iDewey.com. Every day at 4pm we give a rundown of where to go for the best Dewey Beach food and drink specials.  Check the “411” for a complete list of local places to eat, stay and play, and the Entertainment section for a complete calendar of events.
Here's where to go this Winter for Great Food & Drinks:

Hammerheads (302) 227-7325 > Open Year-Round, 7 Days a Week!

Woody's Dewey Beach (302) 260-9945 > Open Year-Round, 7 Days a Week.  Plus the Patio is Dog-Friendly!
The Starboard Restaurant / Shark Tamk  (302)227-4600 > Currently Open Wednesday through Sunday.

Sunrise Restaurant (302) 227-3202 > Currently Open 7 Days a Week from 7am to around 1:30pm.

Places to stay in Dewey Beach:
Hyatt Place Dewey Beach (302)864-9100
Beach House Dewey (302)227-4000
Atlantic OceanSide Motel (302) 227-8811
Best Western Gold Leaf (302) 226-1100
The Bay Resort and Efficiencies (302) 227-6400
Atlantic View Motel (302) 227-3878
Adams OceanFront Motel and Villas (302) 227-3030

Amusement Places 

6 Delaware Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-1921

Pirates of Lewes expeditions
Lewes DE, 302-249-3538

Automobile Repair/Service 

Coastal Towing and Repairs
33012 Cedar Grove Rd
Lewes, DE 302-645-6300 

 Dewey Beach Exxon
2106 Coastal Highway
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-1233   

Automobile Rentals

   Enterprise Rent-A-Car
18767 Coastal Hwy Unit 1
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-645-5005 


Collier's Trim Shop
2206 Highway One
Dewey Beach, De 302-227-8398 

  Bar/ Tavern 

1818 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-7325 

 The Lighthouse
124 Dickinson St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-4333

 McShea's Beach Pub
1705 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-260-9479  

 Northbeach Restaurant 
125 McKinley St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-2434

1205 Highway One 
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-0669

Rusty Rudder
113 Dickinson St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302227-3888

Starboard Restaurant 
2009 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-4600

Woody's East Coast Bar & Grill
1904 Highway One 
Dewey Beach, DE 302-260-9945   

Banquet Facilities 

Best Western Gold Leaf
1400 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-1100

Northbeach Restaurant
125 McKinley St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-8673

 The BayCenter
124 Dickinson St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-1680

Beauty Salons 

Hair's The Thing
20245 Bay Vista Rd Unit 201
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302- 226-1454

Made Ya Look! Salon & Spa
20831 Coastal Highway
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-226-1400

Bed & Breakfast 
Light House Inn
20 Delaware Ave
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Bicycle Rentals 

All Wheels Bikes and Scooters
4100 Hwy one
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-6807

 Atlantic Cycles Rehoboth
18 Wilmington Ave. 
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-226-2543

526 East Savannah Rd
Lewes, DE 302-645-4544

 Bike to go 
174 Rehoboth Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-7600

Boat Rentals/Leasing/Instruction 

Delaware Marine Group
1905 Highway One #2
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-7796

Rehoboth Bay Boating Club
1905 Highway One #2
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-7796

Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association
Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-9008

Rehoboth Marina Ventures
1117 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-2012 

SeaDoo and Boat Rentals
111 Dickinson St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-7590

Business Consultants 

Creative Resource Development Inc.
17 Dickinson St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-5998

Make My Day
37527 Rehoboth Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-7111

Car Dealers  

i.g. Burton
RT 1 South
Milford, DE 887-208-3389

Rehoboth Beach Motor Cars
3900 Hwy one
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-2100

Lewes Auto Mall
17861 Coastal Hwy
Lewes DE,  866-489-9904


Classic Catering
113 Dickinson St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-8701

Gary's Dewey Beach Grill
New Orleans St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-8519

City Offices 

City of Rehoboth
229 Rehoboth Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-6181

Dewey Beach Town Hall
105 Rodney Ave 
Dewey Beach, De 302-227-6363

Coffee Shops 
Bistro Cafe
2000 Coastal Highway #101
Dewey Beach, De. 19971

301 Rehoboth Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-3682 

4561 Hwy one 
Rehoboth DE 302-645-7469 

Convenience Stores 

Dewey Beach Mp n' Shop 4
3107 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-0564 

The Little Store
1600 Coastal Hwy.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-4125 

Copy Services 

Minuteman Press
1904 Highway One C-4
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-6874

Day Care 

Kids Cottage
35448 Wolfneck rd
Rehoboth, DE  302-644-7690

Delaware State Parks

Cape Henlopen State Park
Lewes, DE 302-645-8983

DE Division of Parks and Recreation
89 Kings Hwy
Dover, DE 302-739-9220

Emergency Services 

CALL 911 

Dewey Beach Police
105 Rodney Ave.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-1110

Dewey Beach Patrol
105 Rodney Ave.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-6365

Rehoboth Beach Fire Department
219 Road 15 
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-8400

Rehoboth Beach Patrol
1 Baltimore Ave. 
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-2280

Rehoboth Beach Police
229 Road 15 
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-2577

Fishing Supplies 

Bills Sport Shop
18388 Coastal Hwy #10
Rehoboth, DE 302-645-7654

Event Planning/ Wedding Planning
Eastern Shore Wedding and Events
(443)669- 3106
-with twenty years experience, Eastern Shore Wedding and Events will create and execute the wedding of your dreams

Fifer Orchards
2700 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-8680

GO Karts 

Midway Speedway
Route 1 Midway Shopping Center
Rehoboth Beach, De 302-644-2042

Gift & Specialty Shops 

The Lighthouse Gift Shop
115 Rodney Ave.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-1184


Adam's Ocean Front Motel
Read St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3030 

Atlantic Oceanside
1700 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-8811

Atlantic View Hotel
2 Clayton St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3878

The Bay Resort Motel
Bellevue St. on the Bay
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-6400

Bellbuoy Inn
21 Van Dyke St
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-6000

Best Western Gold Leaf
1400 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-1100

Dewey Beach Suites & Motel
Highway One & Rodney St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-0233 

The Marina Suites
1115 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-1700  

Sand Palace Motel
Highway One & Dagsworthy St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-4000

Sea Esta Motels
Dewey Beach, DE 800-436-6591 

The Surf Club
Read  St. on the Beach
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-7059

House Cleaning 

Bayside Cleaning Crew
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-4763 

Ice Cream Shops 

Dairy Queen
1812 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-260-9873 

Rita's Water Ice
1905 North Hwy One, Suit One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-9502 

Liquor Sales 

Dewey Beach Liquors
1807 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3191 

Outlet Liquors
19724 Coastal Hwy
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-7700


Rehoboth Marina Ventures
1117 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-2012

Pier Point Marina
115 Rodney Ave. 
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-2808 

Mini Golf 

Fire Mountain Golf
Route 1 Midway Shopping Center
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-645-8064

Ryan's Mini Golf
Delaware Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-2667 

The Sea Shell Shop
4405 Hwy One
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-6666

Moped Rentals 

All Wheels Bikes and Scooters
4100 Hwy one
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-6807

Movie Theaters 

Movies at Midway Route 1 Midway Shopping Center
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-645-0200


Bottle & Cork
1807 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-7272


Franco's Pizza & Pasta
1810 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3454  

Grotto Pizza
Highway One & Read St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3407

Mama Celeste Pizzeria
2001 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-4482 

Mama Maria Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
Highway One & McKinley St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3242

Seasons Pizza
1503 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-226-4900

DJ's Pet Depot
17644 Coastal Hwy
Lewes, DE.19971

Grand Rental Station
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-7368


149 Rehoboth Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-1272

4113 Hwy one
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-226-2233

Aqua Grill
57 Baltimore Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-226-9001

 Back Porch Cafe
59 Rehoboth Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-3674

18585 Hwy One #23
Rehoboth, DE 302-645-6160

Big Fish Grill
20298 Coastal Hwy
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-3474

Blue Moon
35 Baltimore Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-6515

 Bubba's Grill 
2100 Coastal Highway
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-1866 

 The Cove
124 Dickinson St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-4888

Ed's Chicken & Crabs
Swedes St. & Hwy one
Dewey BEach, DE 302-227-9484 

Gary's Dewey Beach Grill
2000 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-2276-4899 

 Go Fish
24 Rehoboth Ave.
Ocean Block, Rehoboth, DE 302-226-1044

Grotto Pizza
Highway One & Read St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3407 

1818 Highway One
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-7325 

Jimmy's Grille
Bellevue & Highway One 
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3888

 The Lighthouse
124 Dickinson St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-4333

 Mama Maria's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
Highway One & McKinley St.
Dewey Beach, DE 302-227-3232 

Weather: Mostly Cloudy. High of 54°F.  Chance of Rain 30%

Winds: From the SSW at 5 to 15 mph

Waves: 1 to 2 ft.

Predicted Tides:  HIGH: 2:31 am  LOW: 8:31 am

                                HIGH: 2:51 pm  LOW: 9:01 pm

Water Temperature: 56° F


We're Updating Now.. Add Your Info. Click Email Top Right

The Lighthouse & Cove- An offering of moderately priced seafood dishes with a bay facing bar to catch the best sunsets. Settle in with good friends and a bottle of wine from their great selection!
Que Pasa- An instant Dewey favorite since it's open with an outdoor Cantina Bar and dining in the sand! Bring the whole family and don't  forget about Taco Tuesdays this summer!
The Rusty Rudder- A Dewey Classic, need we say more. In Spring and Fall, the Rusty Rudder is your place for live entertainment hosting band battles like Chickfest, Popfest, and the Elvis Festival to name a few!
Nalu- Hawaiian Surf bar offering island inspired casual dining and featuring live entertainment. Be sure to "wipe-Out" while you're there!
Surfside Bar and Grill- Where ice-cold drinks come in rounds for you and all your new friends.You'll find tasty eats and a huge bar with plenty of seating and plenty of people.
Mama Maria's- Offering not just pizza, but an array of Italian cuisine. Take the family in for an old fashion Itlaian Family dinner, even if youre not Italian!
Two Seas- One of Dewey's finest hidden gems offering the only rooftop dining experience in Dewey Beach with breathtaking views of the ocean and exquisite cuisine.
Sharky's- Offering breakfast and lunch daily in the center of Dewey. Play beat the clock to make the 10am breakfast cut-off & if you miss it try the Cuban for lunch. Reminder, Cash Only!
Grotto Pizza- The legendary taste on the corner of Reed St in Dewey Beach. Fun for the whole family and your place for beer towers!
The Little Store- A small grocer/ convience mart for your everyday needs, located in the middle of Dewey on the oceanside
Fifers- Eat Fresh! Breakfast and lunch quick and for $5!
Dewey Beach Liquors- The best & only liquor store in town! bring your ID, 21 and over permitted.
Northbeach- Party on the bay central. Sunset Funset Fridays are new and a big hit with food and drink specials, free tubing and jet ski rides, and plenty of good looking people sippin on cool Dewey Devils. Come have some grown-up play in the sand with all your friends. A little tip ladies, skip the heels for this one!
Ivy- Bay front dining at its best!
Bottle & Cork- The greatest Rock n Roll bar in the world, over 50 years and going strong the Cork brings some of the best shows this town has ever seen from George Clinton to Citizen Cope to Bruce in the USA. Bringing a rich mix of musical culture to Dewey residents all summer long.
Dairy Queen- Satisfy that sweet tooth with a creamy blizzard, now accepting Credit/Debit Cards!
Nick's- For cheese steaks, subs, or grinders head to a great late night spot like Nick's
Franco's- Pizza, strombolis, hoagies, and more. A good fix if you're craving quick and easy Italian
Hammerheads- The true locals place to hang. You can always find a friend willing to throw a few back here. Open year-round with trivia on Thursdays to expand your brain while quenching your pallet with delicious food and cold beers and home to a local grown-up Prom every February!
Jimmy's Grille- A picnic style feel with open air dining. All your down home favorites like fried chicken and man n' cheese. Live entertainment in the Summer afternoons.
Woody's- A great place to mingle with a friendly crowd, find good conversation and enjoy fun times all around and all year round. Homemade soups daily and great bar specials! Use you iDewey.com black card for 15% off your check

Dewey Beach Market- A store with all you need to satisfy your second most important needs in Dewey, everything other than alcohol, ha!
Mama Celeste- The rarely disputed champion of pizza in Dewey Beach, turning into a mob scene shortly after last call. A little hint, make friends with Mama and Papa!
Salad Factory- A healthy way to dine in Dewey with a cereal bar, fresh fruit, cool wraps, and delicious salads. Try a smoothie to cool down from the hot summer sun and remember, bring Cash!
Gary's Dewey Beach Grill- Offering tasty food alternatives like turkey cheesesteaks & vegetarian pasta. Lots of beer on tap and in bottles, a secret spot for the locals to relax with alternative brews and eats!
Starbord Raw- Another Dewey beach hide-away great for lunch or dinner great happy hour and nightly specials, Fresh Seafood anyone?!
The Starboard- The "heart of Dewey Beach" known for their Suicide Sundays with the largest make your own bloody mary bar, and their huge "parties" for events like opening, closing, and running of the bulls. It's THE destination for weekend and seasonal residents once they hit the town limits. iDewey Black Card holders can use their black card to gain VIP access, priceless!
Open all year for breakfast and lunch 6 days a week til 2pm a great place to snag a warm breakfast platter and a hot coffee to nurse that Dewey Devil hang over.
Ed's Chicken and Crabs-CLOSED
Dewey Beach Club- Fresh, Local Restaurant with Fine liquors and Wines in a comfortable atmosphere in Dewey,  New 2016
BAKED- Serving breakfast and lunch! Breakfast sandwiches, coffee/espresso, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps and salads. Cash only restaurant- but and ATM is available!
Johnny Hotdog Dewey Beach- NEW 2017
New Year's Eve in DEWEY BEACH December 31st
Located at Dewey Beach, De 19971
This is gong to be a blow out... NYE is on a Saturday!!! Make plans NOW to send the weekend in DEWEY.
Movie Night: "The Goonies" Monday July 27th, 2015
Located at Dagsworthy St. Beach
Begins at 8:30pm.
Movie Night: "Annie (2014)" Monday August 3rd, 2015
Located at Dagsworthy St. Beach
Begins at 8:30pm.
East Coast Skim Championships and Summer Vibes Fest August 7th- August 9th, 2015
Located at Dewey Beach
Movie Night: "Jumanji" Monday August 10th, 2015
Located at Dagsworthy St. Beach
Begins at 8:30pm.
Movie Night: "Maleficent" Monday August 17th, 2015
Located at Dagsworthy St. Beach
Begins at 8:30pm.
Movie Night: "Muppets Most Wanted" Monday August 24th, 2015
Located at Dagsworthy St. Beach
Begins at 8:30pm.
Jazz Fest October 17th
Located at Dewey Beach & Rehoboth Beach, De 19917
Sea Witch Festival October 23rd - 25th
Located at Dewey Beach & Rehoboth Beach, De 19917
26th Annual Sea Witch Halloween & Fiddler's Festival! October 23rd - 25th
Rehoboth Sidewalk Sale October 30th - November 1st
Located at Rehoboth Beach, De 19971
39th Annual Rehoboth Sidewalk Sale. Deals Deals Deals Don't miss this amazing sale!
Rusty Rudder Closing / Halloween Party October 31st
Located at Dewey Beach, De 19971
Rusty Rudder Closing / Halloween Party with Love Seed!!
5th Annual Cocoa Crawl November 6th
Located at Rehoboth Beach, De 19971
5:00-8:00pm, downtown Rehoboth Beach. Wine, Dine & Shop Local! Enjoy great deals, delectable drinks, art by Delaware artisans, desserts and fall treats from the best local restaurants - all inside participating stores! $10 wristbands benefit local charities. Visit www.downtownrehoboth.com for more information or call 302.227.2772
The Starboard Closing Weekend November 8th
Located at Dewey Beach, De 19971
The Starboard Closing Weekend Is Like Summer in November! The Last BIG Weekend Until The Starboard Opens Next Spring!! Get Down Here
iDewey Store Best Gift From The Beach November 27th - 29th
Located at Dewey Beach, De 19971
Shop Dewey online or in the iDewey Visitor Center. DEALS on Beach Gifts.. 102 New Orleans Street Dewey Beach, De 19971 OR www.iDewey.com Click Shop iD.
Downtown Rehoboth Beach Holiday Tree LIghting & Sing-A-Long November 27th - 29th
Located at Rehoboth Beach, De 19971
6:30 Sing Along, 7:00pm Tree- Lighting. The bandstand, Rehoboth Beach. Clear Space Theatre will host. Everyone is invited to this cherished annual tradition where hundreds of spectators gather to ring in the holiday spirit in downtown Rehoboth Beach. For more information, call 302.227.2772, or visit www.downtownrb.com.
Holiday Farmers Market-Rehoboth Beach November 28th - 29th
Located at Rehoboth Beach, De 19971
Noon-4:00pm, Grove Park in Rehoboth Beach. Info: 249-7878 or click here. Lots of handmade gifts plus late fall farm-fresh produce.
Dewey Dunk-2016 January 1st 2016
Located at Dewey Beach, De 19971
Be part of Dewey Beach history and 'Dew the Dunk', 1:00pm, Dagsworthy Street, Dewey Beach. Click here for more information or call 302-228-3701.
Dewey / Rehoboth Bacon Fest April 23rd & 24th
Located at Dewey Beach & Rehoboth Beach, De 19917
3rd Annual Dewey Beach & Rehoboth Beach Bacon Fest, 2 Days Of Bacon Pleasure. For The Love Of Bacon Do Not Miss This Event. Delaware's Original Bacon Fest! Get Your Pass Here-> www.iDewey.com Click Shop iD.
33nd Annual Spring Sidewalk Sale Wednesday, May 20 - Friday, May 22
Located at Rehoboth Beach, De 19971
The Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center announces the 33nd Annual Spring Sidewalk Sale. The sale runs from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (store hours may vary.) It is a weekend for deals and fabulous finds! Shopping in downtown Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Route One has never offered more merchandise at bargain prices! Don't forget - TAX FREE!!! Info: 302-227-2233.
Movies On The Beach June 13th
Located at Dagsworthy Street
Cinderella (2015)

 The Boating Report is brought to you by Rehoboth Bay Boating Club. Visit them at 




Marine Forecast (next 6-12 hours)
Wind Speed:
Wind Direction:
Sea State:
Sea Surface Temp:
Wave Height:
Wave Direction:
Wave Period:
10 kts
3 to 5 ft.
63 F
0 to 1 ft.
ENE (77°)
11 sec.
Local Tide Times
(Rehoboth Beach)
Low5:02 AM
High11:32 AM
Low5:56 PM
High11:54 PM


Cool stuff for sale or rent? Call Today To List It Here! 302-227-7796
Looking for a rental property in Dewey or Rehoboth?
Contact these Tried & True Local Realtors:
Betsey Parrett, Realtor, Rental/Sales Associate at Crowley Realty Inc.
800-242-4213 (toll free) 302-227-6131 (local)
Jo-Ann Bacher, GRI Rental Manager & Associate Broker at Jack Lingo
800-345-3469 (toll free) 302-226-6650 (local)
Tricia Sulecki, Rental Agent at Coldwell Banker Resort Realty
800-800-4132 ext. 253 (toll free) 302-227-5000 ext. 253 (local)
Michelle Esposito, Rental Manager, BHHS Gallo Realty
800-997-5529 (toll free)
T.J. Redefer at Rehoboth Bay Realty
♦ Condos:

RAINBOW COVE – Dewey! Private 3 BR 2nd fl Condo in the center of Dewey, 1 blk to ocean, $369,900 Call Debbie 302-227-3818      

Dewey Beach Block- Beach Block, pretty in peach condo, 2BR, 1BA, comfortable living area. Two assigned parking spots, $275,000 Call Sally @ 302-893-0613 Cell

♦ Houses:

REHOBOTH COTTAGE- Beachy 4 BR cottage on large lot. Bike to the beach, $399,000. Call Debbie 302-227-3818

PINE BAY- Rehoboth Beach- Wooded views, 4k Solar panels system, hot tube, temp. controlled wine room, 4BR, 305 BA $899,000 Call Amanda Ryan @ 302-841-9603

NORTH REHOBOTH BEACH – Just feet from the Ocean, This TWO unit property, located one block from Lake Gerar. Main Front House, ocean views, w/ 4BR, 3BA. Back house has 2 BR 2BA $1,495,000 Call John @ 302-249-6922

♦ Town Homes:

DEWEY BEACH- 4BR 3 BA end unit town home, one block from the beach, just steps from the Rehoboth Bay! Community features, $499,000 Call Jeff Fowler, @ 302-249-6133

POYNTERS SQUARE- Walk to Dewey Beach- 6 BR 4.5 BA,  4th floor could be owners Suite w/ 2 BR, BA $473,500 Call Camilla @ 302-542-9601 Cell

♦ Land:

LAND ON REHOBOTH BAY!  Build your dream waterfront home, 14.5 acres, Owner Lic Realtor, $399,000. Call Debbie 302-227-3818

10+/- ACRES with road frontage on Old Landing Road (behind Walmart) – Zoned CR-1 Call Paul 302-236-3212


♦ Apartments:

Downtown Lewes Apartment- 1BR 700/MO + UTIL. Aval. Immediately call  301-775-1745 {02/24/11}

1BR Apartment- walk to the beach/ Downtown. Near Silverlake, off street parking 1yr lease. $875/Mo include ALL UTIL. Call 302-226-1408

Rehoboth Beach- 1BR 1BA 2nd floor apartment 560/MO +util. call 302-227-3821

♦ Condos:

DEWEY-Furnished, luxury 1BR, 1BA Condo Avail immediately, $850/mo incl. utilities. Rita. 703-965-0601 {01/19/11}

SANIBEL CIRCLE, REHOBOTH, - 2BR 2BA Condo, Aval. NOW $975/Mo Call 302-227-3883

HENLOPEN STATION, REHOBOTH Condo- 2BR 2BA Furnished 100/MO., yr round call 302-226-5600 for details

PALMS,REHOBOTH- Unfurnished 2BR 2BA 975/MO yr round call 302-226-5600 for details

REHOBOTH- 2BR, 2BA Condo. Yearly Rental. New kitchen, Full W/D nice pool, no smoking $900/mo plus util. 717-572-6755

♦ Townhouses:

HENLOPEN GARDENS, REHOBOTH- 3BR, 2.5 BA, Year round End unit, Town Home,Updated kitchen. No smoking Ready to go 5/1/2011 1100/MO Includes HOA fees call 302-249-2642

TARAMINO, LEWES- Year Round 3BR, 2.5BA, Fireplace, pool, Large sunroom, W/D. AC min to the beach! 1175/MO 484-888-8134.

SEABRIGHT, REHOBOTH- Town home, end unit 4 BR, 2.5 BA unfurnished 1200/MO Yr round call 302-226-5600 for details

♦ Houses:

BETHANY BEACH- 4BR, 2 BA, W/D, AC, Furn. $950/mo Screened porches. (301)929-3161 or (301)758-0517 {01/19/11}

BAY CROSSING, LEWES- Pool community- Partially Furnished 3BR 2BA 1stFloor end unit w/ garage, Screen porch. 1300/mo + Util. Available Now 202-262-6089

♦ Roommates Wanted:

Older Gentleman wated to rent New home in Long Neck w/ priv. room & Ba, kit. Priv., $120.wk + utils. Wheelchair access. Close to all furn. 302-945-2932 [01/19/11]

Lewes- Reserves of Nassau- One BR available now in furnished, 6-yr old town-home with many builder upgrades. private setting backs to woods, cable thru-out, FP, screened porch, garge,and more one owner. 450/mo + 1/3 uilities. Call 302-249-5625 or 302-228-9382

♦ Commercial Lease/Rentals 

Dewey Beach: Retail stores space for lease. Excellent location Izzy Plaza Hwy One. (302) 449-5890. [01/19/11]

Lewes, DE Business @ 5 Points. Call 973-226-0035


♦ Help Wanted    

AUTO TECHINICIAN -  Immediate openings. Start today! Minimum of 5 yrs. Experience, GM Experience is a plus. Stop in First State Chevy, Georgetown DE or call Jim 302-856-2521

♦ Services Offered  
Booby’s Plumbing- New const. & repair services. Lic & insured. 302-629-8609 Residential and commercial

Clam shells for sale 757-824-3042

♦ Lost & Found    ↓

Lost something??? Or did you find something?? Let iDewey.com know and we can help! 302-227-7796

♦ Finance  

Advertising Budget tight? Grow your business with us in 2010. Advertise in 116 newspapers across Maryland, Delaware, and DC. Reach 5.2 million households for only $495. For more info: www.mddcpress.com (410) 721-4000. [01/19/11]

♦ Animals/Pets  

(8) AKC Registered 1/2 English & 1/2 American Golden Retrievers. (5) M, (3) F. Mother on premises. House raised, ready to go the first week of February. Call Dawn, 302-344-1417 [01/19/11]

AKC Lab Pups, black & yellow, 1st shots, dewormed, ready to go. 302-545-9368 or 410-755-6338 [01/19/11]

♦ Motorcycles/RVS/Boats 

Delaware Marine Group. Trying to sell your boat? Call us today! Sales, rentals, consignment, service, storage. (302) 227-7796. www.delawaremarinegroup.com [06/21/2010]

1987 VW Vanagon Camper $5000 OBO. Call 302-542-9640 [01/19/11]

2004 VESPA SCOOTER model 200. 1,000 miles Like new, $2,800 call 302-339-1925

150 cc MOPED BRAND NEW. 6 month warranty, $1,150 call 302-569-2338


♦ Furniture & Appliances   

Millman Appliances call 302-645-6215

♦ Vehicles & Vehicle Parts  


1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, great snow/beach vehicle, good cond., garage kept, 200K+ mi., tagged ‘til 2012, $1700 OBO. Call 302-983-1461.

2007 FORD F150XLT Regular Cab, 8' bed V-8 automative. All safety/luxury features of a XLT Extended factory warranty 27,900+ miles asking $20,800. call 302-945-8211

Gorgeous car! Only 6,000 miles, rarely used and garage kept, was voted the 'Sexiest Car of 2006', one of the few ever made, has never been in an accident, 2 seater, stick shift, Please call 302-236-9668 for more info or to schedule a test drive! $17,500 Ask for Terri.

♦ Lawn & Garden  

GET READY FOR THE SNOW!! Meyer snow plows & parts, sales & services. Call 410-677-4748

♦ Yard Sales:   

 Have a lot to sell ? Having a Yard sale? Let iDewey.com know and we can list your information and some items for you !!!!! 302-227-7796