Skim U Contest series 2022

Price: $25.00

Don't miss our weekly Friday contest series starting in July.

This is going to be fun. Our weekly Friday contest series starts tonight. This is going to be fun. If you need a board meet at the store at 4:30.
All skill level welcome. Beach entries are encouraged. We will have a link where everyone can sign up from their location on the beach. This is going to be head-to-head competition. No one will be eliminated in the first round. If you have skimmed A contest before, you're gonna love this new format. If you don't need a board will see you on the beach at 5:10 PM. Family can view your heat together from the north or south side since there are only two riders. We recommend bringing beach chairs, beverages and snacks and use social distancing while on the beach. No spectators. However, we will live feed the heats on our Facebook page. So everyone can watch from where ever they are. Something to consider you're notCompeting with the rider in your heat. This is a score based contest. Skim like it's a final in every heat. We need this. Competition is part of our sport. Our judges have decades of experience. The more riders we have the better the prizes will be. And oh yeah we have custom trophies for first through fourth place. Our goal is to run this contest every Friday for the rest of the summer. If we have foul weather on Friday evenings we will move the contest to Saturday morning. If you enjoy the sport and competition you should come check this out tonight. Riders who have boards go to the beach. If you need to borrow a board meet at the store at 4:30. Questions,? Message me. Justin
Please review our waiver, read the information listed with our season, weekly and daily class options. Here on Under Shop iD -> using the skim university tab. To verify that you have read the waiver select accept /red box during checkout.


Skim U Contest series 2022