Black Friday sale Family Session Rate 1/10 10/28/23

Price: $580.00 $320.00

2024 Family rate. Our family rate allows you to save when you register multiple students. Simply select one 2024 season pass at our discounted rate and then add as many family passes as you need. After purchasing your season, pass simply press the shop IiD button on the top of the screen.
This rate will end when 20 family passes are sold.
Family Pass is a season pass. Enjoy an entire summer of Skim. Everything is included. You can register all your students at one time. After you select one 2024 season pass, add this option to your cart You can select the ID button on the top left to return to all of your options.
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Deal of The Year!! *****Almost Sold Out 10:15am 11/25***** 2023 Full Season Pass. Family Session Rate. Only 10 available Starting 11/1/22.
Let's ride brothers & Sisters... Select (1) Season Pass per Family Member..
check out faster. Use Venmo. Scan the QR code. Purchase one pass per family member. Email to confirm your order after purchase.
(20) Full Season 2023 Passes Now Available & (Only Available During our 2023 Off Season Sale-->)
2023 Dates
Saturday Session Starts
The Vic East
6/3/23 & 6/4/23
Contest Prep, Advanced Class & Session With Pro Skimboarder Ethan Shredefer Starts 6/1/23
Summer Semester
Monday - Thursday
9am- 11:30am
PM Session with Video for 2023 Edit 4:45-6:30pm 6/15, 6/29, 7/13 & 7/29
Friday Contest Series 6/30 - 7/29
Movie Night 7pm-9pm 6/22/23-9/1/23
The full list of events will be posted when the Skim Tour Dates are announced. & Some dates may change.
Questions email


Black Friday sale Family Session Rate 1/10 10/28/23